Seria: Generator

Mobile generating sets are available throughout the full kva rating of the ORVALDI range. Trailers (2 to 6 wheel) meet all relevant road traffic regulations and can be provided with weatherproof canopies or sound shields.

Výrobce: ORVALDI
Kód produktu: ORV MG


ORVALDI Power Protection are specialists in providing custom-built packages to meet client's exacting requirements. Highly trained design engineers use the latest technology to design generating sets and control systems to meet the exact requirements of customers. ORVALDI generating sets provide prime or standby power to hospitals, factories, offices, construction sites, airports, banks, telecommunications systems or wherever reliable power is essential.

Seznam aplikací:

Data centers

Critical systems

Telco centers

Technická data:

Control Systems & Switchgear

ORVALDI control systems offer a wide range of specification from simple manual start system to the latest state of the art automatic starting. Fully automatic synchronising including auto start/stop on load demand for multi set systems is also available. A full range of automatic transfer switches (ATS) along with a full range of operational switchgear is also available. Auto Mains Failure Panels are designed to automatically start the generator and supply power within a few seconds of the loss of the mains. The AMF panel controls the generator operating conditions; it protects the generator in case of any malfunction; it stops the generator when the mains supply returns and then prepares the generator for a new start.

The Automatic Start panel is available as a:
• wall mountable panel or a
• free standing cubicle.

The front panel includes:
• digital read-out selection for: frequency, battery level, mains/generator voltage, current supplied by generator
• stop and start controls
• operating functions selection switch
• led warning lights for operating conditions control
• timer device for operating control program
• engine hourmeter.

All circuits, (operating control, checking and regulation), are controlled by a led programmable microprocessor which enables the programming of the functioning parameters, according to the requirements of the particular application. The microprocessor card is positioned on the front panel, making it easy to replace if it gets damaged. Every on-going electrical signal is protected from any possible damage caused by mains over voltages. All the GenSet panels are provided with a four pole changing over, an automatic battery charger and a multiple cable for the connection with the generator.
Other optional features available on request are:
• long distance transmission remote control facilities for the alarm and operating conditions
• PC interface.